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Creative Spaces -                                                              The physical manifestation of how we work

Creative Spaces - The physical manifestation of how we work

In my time as Design Director at IDEO I got the chance to not only consult companies on innovation and design, but also to design creative spaces for internal innovation teams.
I believe that spaces are one component of delivering better work, but they should follow a bigger purpose and initiative. Spaces can't be defined in absence of other components such as: 
A project based work style, agreement on process& approach, understanding about the comon craft, collaborative & proactive culture, team setup, empathy for individual talents needs, and the blessing of the leaders.


In the best case spaces are developed in co creation with the professionals that are ultimately going to inherent them.
A space is never finished, think about it as a prototype, it can also be iteratively developed, or changed to fit your needs. 

Companies I collaborated with on creative spaces:


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